Why I moved to the 02921 zip code. (Western Cranston)

Here is a little bit about myself: I am a native of Rhode Island and grew up across the street from the old Geneva fire station on Douglas Avenue in the Town of North Providence.  As a child I always enjoyed being close to my schools Stephen Olney for elementary and Birchwood for junior high. I went to Davies for high school, before being a Realtor I was an aspiring chef. Anyway I have always liked staying close to pubic spaces, restaurants, businesses, etc.  I moved to Smith Hill Area of Providence, RI where I lived for about 5 years before moving to Johnston RI. Shortly after moved back to Providence, then the East Side of Providence, absolutely loving it! My wife and I enjoyed being close to such a walkable part of the City. We were about a 8 minute walk from The Ivy Tavern which was my favor watering hole, we would walk there and stubble back to our house sometimes, LOL.

When we decided to starting having kids if thing to do was find a home in a better school area! Top picks were Lincoln, RI, Cumberland, RI, East Greenwich, and Cranston. We landed in you guessed it Cranston: It’s a nice house in an absolutely great area off Scituate Avenue. To be honest though it took some time getting use to… We went from walking to the farmers market in Summit Park and being 5 minutes away from arguably some of the best restaurants to what I call a food desert. I know I know I am being dramatic Rhode Islander, but hey driving 15 minutes is far right?

Just like anything it took time to grew on me, now I love love the area. The neighborhood reminds me of when I was a kid, people are friendly and actually stop to talk to you! A bonus was I am not constantly stuck in traffic in from of Providence Place mall!! My kids are still young and go to a daycare center which is hands down the best one so far! They have an afterschool and summer program for elementary school kids so parent’s with kids this will be a life saver! So yes Western Cranston you made me into a believer!