A little about me

It's a rare but vital quality in today's fast-paced real estate market - and it's also the mainstay of Jay Rezendes' Rhode Island real estate practice. Jay believes all of his clients deserve considerate, thorough, and instantaneous lines of communication and service. Jay's former career as an Executive Chef gave him over twenty years of experience in the art of time management, customer service, an eye for detail, and an on-the-fly adaptability. Always one to seek out new challenges and deliver, Jay confidently left the kitchen and took a seat at the real estate table. His business integrity and professionalism is immediately apparent to his clients from day one to the closing table. As with any major life decision, selling or buying a home is an emotional and stressful process. Jay effectively alleviates stress by using his skills and experience in interpreting and communicating market conditions, contract language, negotiation steps, all the while remaining calm under pressure. Real estate is a relationship-based business, and Jay strives to create client relationships and networks built on trust , confidence, and positive results. His ultimate goal: a business built entirely upon referrals from satisfied clients who are happy to call him their Realtor for Life.