10 Amazing Neighborhoods in Cranston, RI | You’ll Love Living Here!

Cranston, RI, is a gorgeous, nautical city overflowing with rich history and distinctive neighborhoods. The town, the second largest in Rhode Island, is ethnically diverse and has been selected as one of America’s 50 best cities to reside.

Have you ever been curious about the different neighborhoods in Cranston?

Fun fact: There are a total of 52!

Listed below, we’ve carefully selected what we believe to be the ten most amazing Cranston, RI, neighborhoods. Which one is right for you?



Edgewood is one of the most prestigious communities in Cranston. This neighborhood borders Providence’s Washington Park and boasts picturesque tree-lined streets.

There are several national historic districts in Edgewood. The community is known for its impressive Victorian homes and two nationally-recognized inns. While Edgewood is home to many different types of people, college students enjoy this neighborhood due to its walkability: This area is rated one of the top college-friendly places to live in Rhode Island.

Average list price: $326,707



Another Cranston, RI, neighborhood with great walkability is Auburn. Like Edgewood, this urban community has many beautiful, historic residences. Additionally, there are several restaurants and parks to enjoy.

This neighborhood is home to the Auburn branch of the Cranston Public Library, which offers a variety of programs for all ages. Enjoy remarkable community character and charm in Auburn!

Average list price: $324,258


Garden City

Garden City is a family-friendly community and boasts a variety of real estate options. There are not as many subdivisions in Garden City – instead, you’ll find Colonials, Cape Cods, and ranch-style homes.

Residents love this residential neighborhood’s beauty but also enjoy the local shopping. For more than 70 years, Garden City Center has provided the area with exceptional shopping experiences. You’ll find clothing shops, health and beauty stores, restaurants, specialty services, and more here.

Average list price: $365,114


Comstock Gardens

This lovely suburban neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Cranston. Many of the area homes were built between 1970-present. Hardly anyone rents in Comstock Gardens: Most residents own their homes here.

Comstock Gardens is considered more family-friendly than 96.8% of Rhode Island neighborhoods, so it is a fantastic place to raise children. Yards are tidy, schools are top-notch, and a sense of community is important in Comstock Gardens.

Average list price: $512,583



Pawtuxet is another neighborhood that is bursting with history and charm. This coastal community has many well-kept older homes that were built before 1939. Demand for real estate in Pawtuxet is higher than in most other places in the U.S.

Over a third of residents here have a Master’s, medical, or law degree. This neighborhood is near the Pawtuxet Village Historic District, one of New England’s oldest communities. In 1973, this incredible district was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Average list price: $506,115



This small village is situated on the southwest edge of Cranston, bordering Coventry and Scituate. Fiskeville first became popular in the mid-1800s as a bustling mill town. Several historic mill buildings still stand in Fiskeville, making it a fascinating community.

Fiskeville is ideal for people who want to live in the country but still be close to modern conveniences. Locals brag about the tranquility of the neighborhood, but they do note that “You can’t walk to a store.” Most Fiskeville homes were built between 1970-present.

Average list price: $456,685



Like many other Cranston, RI, neighborhoods, Knightsville has deep historical roots. This unique community has a large population of people with Italian heritage; many of these residents trace their ancestry back to a small Italian village named Itra. You’ll find there are several tasty Italian restaurants in Knightsville, also!

Most area homes are modest single-family residences, ranging from 20-80 years old. Additionally, Knightsville is home to a few churches and a public library.

Average list price: $339,000



The Oaklawn Village Historic District contains approximately 35 buildings, including Oaklawn Baptist Church and Oaklawn Library. Area architecture is a beautiful mix of Queen Anne, eighteenth-century, rural Greek Revival, and simplified Shingle style. Many residences are 1 ½ story single-family homes.

In days gone by, elm trees lined the streets, and white picket fences surrounded homes. While some of this has disappeared over time, the community still maintains its historic allure.

Average list price: $370,090


Park View

The Park View community has some of Cranston’s most affordable real estate. In fact, this area is less expensive than 77.2% of other Rhode Island neighborhoods. Many homes are considered “well-established” and were built between 1940-1969.

This neighborhood is near the intricately landscaped 427-acre Roger Williams Park. Park visitors enjoy many amenities, including a bike park, ball fields, tennis courts, boating, walking trails, a playground, and more. Roger Williams Park is even home to a zoo and carousel village!

Average list price: $285,575


South Thornton

The great community of South Thornton rounds out our top 10 Cranston neighborhoods list. This suburban area is comprised of primarily small to medium single-family homes. The current home vacancy rate is only 1.8%, which means that the housing supply is somewhat tight in South Thornton.

South Thornton is situated near Randall Park. This park boasts a 3.8-mile trail perfect for walking, biking, and running. It also has two ponds – Randall and Dyer – where locals love to fish for Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, and Black Crappie.

Average list price: $344,684


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood with parks or an upscale community overflowing with beautiful historical sights, Cranston, RI, has you covered. There are so many incredible areas in this coastal city. Without a doubt, each has distinct characteristics, charm, and amenities.

Are you thinking about moving to a new Cranston neighborhood? Perhaps you’re already shopping for a Cranston home. No matter where you are on your journey, we can help! Contact our skilled team of real estate professionals – we are excited to assist you in choosing the perfect neighborhood for your needs.